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We sell the full line of Segway® Personal Transporters (Segway PT) and accessories.

i2 Basic
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i2 Commuter (shown in White)i2_Commuter.html


Take it indoors or out. Go fast or go slow. With the i2, all of your local transportation needs are met in one modern, balanced, intelligent machine.

Completely versatile and consistently enjoyable, the i2 is ideal in more ways than one. Not only does it take you out of rush-hour traffic and away from congested parking lots, it's battery operated, totally wireless, and intuitively moves where your body tells it to.

i2 Specs

  1. BulletWeight: 105 lbs / 47.7 kg

  2. BulletTire diameter: 19in / 48cm

  3. BulletFootprint: 19 x 25 in / 48 x 63 cm

  4. BulletMax Speed: 12.5 mph / 20 kmh

  5. BulletRange: Up to 24 mi / Up to 38 km

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i2 Cargo (shown in Metallic Sage)i2_Cargo.html
x2 Basic (black only)x2_Basic.html
x2 Adventure (black only)x2_Adventure.html
x2 Golf
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x2 Turf
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Enjoy the road less traveled with the Segway x2. It’s rugged, tough, and designed to take you places.

With the x2, you can chart your own course. Its innovative design moves you over a variety of terrain, be it the grass in your backyard or the gravel and dirt in your favorite off road spot. Deeply treaded tires, scratch resistant fenders and higher ground clearance give you a smooth, stable ride, and the durability you’ve come to expect from Segway. And with the unmatched performance of Segway’s LeanSteer technology, your body will anticipate and conquer the trail ahead.

x2 Specs

  1. BulletWeight: 120 lbs / 54.4 kg

  2. BulletTire width: 8 in / 20 cm

  3. BulletFootprint 21 x 33 in / 53.34 x 83.82 cm

  4. BulletMax Speed: 12.5 mph / 20 kmh

  5. BulletRange: Up to 12 mi / 19km off-pavement

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