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This Light Electric Vehicle offers the fun of a bike with the power of an electric motor, all wrapped up in a quiet riding and decidedly stylish design.

It's perfect for those who want an economic transportation solution that is good for the environment and good for the soul.

Designed for urban or suburban commutes, this Light Electric Vehicle offers lightweight aluminum construction with full suspension. Add in its comfortable,oversized seat and you have a powerful ride that's easy to handle.

When you don't feel like pedaling, the A2B offers unassisted power on demand for up to 20 miles at a cruising speed of 20 mph. Plus, the A2B can be easily upgraded to double its range to 40 miles with the addition of a secondary battery pack and increase its carrying capacity with the addition of baskets and rear carrier bags.

Getting there is more than half the fun:

  1. BulletA stylishly modern fusion between scooter and bicycle

  2. BulletGets commuters out of their cars and reconnects them with the great outdoors, and their community

  3. BulletIs environmentally - friendly and economical

  4. BulletCarries the goods, you can have 2 bags and 2 baskets if you choose

  5. BulletQuiet, so you can still appreciate the world you’re riding through

  6. BulletIdeal for commuting in crowded cities

  7. BulletEasy to handle

  8. BulletComfortable, oversized seat and suspension

  9. BulletJapanese lithium ion battery cells

  10. BulletSimply plug in to recharge. Pedal if you have no battery power

  11. BulletAllows riders to get as much or as little exercise as they choose